Water Authority Builds Infrastructure to Meet Region’s Water Demands

The Water Authority has executed an ambitious plan since 1989 to design and build world-class public works projects to help reduce its dependence on imported water and enhance its water delivery system. This plan, known as the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), remains focused on meeting water demands within the region.

The 2003 Regional Water Facilities Master Plan identified additional projects and facilities that need to be included in the CIP to ensure the Water Authority could achieve its mission of providing a safe and reliable water supply to the San Diego region. Many of these facilities have since been constructed.

In 2013, the Water Authority finalized the Regional Water Facilities Optimization and Master Plan Update, the agency’s new roadmap for infrastructure investments through 2035. This updated plan focuses on optimizing the Water Authority’s existing infrastructure while maintaining the flexibility to adjust to a range of future water supply needs. 

The Water Authority strives to be a good neighbor to local residents and businesses residing near its current and future facilities by providing up-to-date information to and working with the communities that are affected by construction projects.

Collaborating with the Business Community

The Water Authority also reaches out to the business community to solicit competitive proposals and bids for its construction projects. If your company would like more information about contracting with the Water Authority, or would like to view additional documents including design manuals or the General Conditions and Standard Specifications, go to the Water Authority’s Contracting Opportunities web page.

First Aqueduct Project
Northern First Aqueduct Rehabilitation

In January 2021, the Water Authority completed major construction rehabilitation activities on the historic First Aqueduct in North San Diego…

Olivenhain 11 Flow Control Facility

The Olivenhain 11 Flow Control Facility project involves replacing an existing flow control facility in place. 

Pipeline 4 Repairs Project
Pipeline 4 Repairs

In August 2019, Water Authority crews detected a leak in the 90-inch diameter Pipeline 4, one of five major pipelines…

Pipeline 5 Relining Project
Pipeline 5 Relining

The Pipeline 5 Relining Project involved rehabilitating approximately 2.3 miles of the pipeline in eight separate segments along a 9.5-mile…

Pipeline 5 Relining San Luis Rey Canyon

The San Diego County Water Authority is planning on relining approximately 1.7 miles of Pipeline 5 in the community of…

Pipeline 5 Repairs
Pipeline 5 Repairs

In May 2020, crucial repairs were completed on Pipeline 5 in rural North County between Fallbrook and Escondido. The repairs…

Relining at Lake Murray
Pipeline Relining to Lake Murray

The Pipeline Relining at Lake Murray Project relined approximately 5,400 feet of Pipeline 4 from the northern part of Lake…

San Luis Rey Habitat Restoration Project

The San Luis Rey Habitat Restoration project is located in the community of Fallbrook, approximately 0.5 miles west of Interstate…

San Luis Rey Relining Project
San Luis Rey Relining

The San Luis Rey Pipelines Relining Project rehabilitated portions of three pipelines near the San Luis Rey River, extending the…

San Vicente Energy Storage Facility

One of the most promising pumped energy storage solutions in California is the San Vicente Energy Storage Facility under consideration…