The Agricultural Water Management Program provides services and incentives for agricultural customers in the Water Authority service area. For more details on the programs listed below or to schedule a free on-site evaluation, call Mission Resource Conservation District at (760) 728-1332.

Irrigation System Evaluations

These free on-site evaluations are available for agricultural properties with at least one acre of irrigated crops or trees. Emission uniformity and pressure readings are determined for each system and recommendations are provided along with crop data and technical information about the types of irrigation equipment in use.

Soil Moisture Sensor System Rebate Program

Rebates through the SoCal Water$mart program may be available for eligible soil moisture sensor systems that include a sensor and a calibrator (these are typically packaged together in the same device) and an irrigation controller. Rebates start at $80 or $35 per irrigation sensor for large residential sites. Visit SoCal Water$mart for more information.

Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency Program

The AIEP offers opportunities to local farmers to improve on-farm irrigation system efficiencies. The intent of the program is to provide farmers with technical assistance and cost-sharing as reimbursement for recommended irrigation system equipment retrofits that improve distribution uniformity and efficiency. Program participants will receive a detailed report which provides current irrigation system efficiency levels and recommends improvements that integrate the use of efficient irrigation technology, components and irrigation scheduling practices. Growers will receive an itemized list of suggested components and a 50% cost share estimate. Growers will receive an itemized list of suggested components and reimbursement up to $550 per acre or $5,000 per property. For more details or to schedule a site evaluation, call the Mission Resource Conservation District at (760) 728-1332.

Waterscape Rebate Program

The San Diego County Water Authority has partnered with the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program to provide residents and businesses in unincorporated San Diego County with new and enhanced rebates.

With the Waterscape Rebate Program, property owners can receive financial incentives to: 

  • Replace high-water use turf with watersmart, native plants 
  • Install weather-based irrigation controllers 
  • Install a rain barrel, rain cistern, rain garden, or other rain-saving feature 
  • Install rain gutters
  • Upgrade old driveways and parking lots with pavers or porous pavement 
  • Pump your septic tank and prevent costly repairs 
  • Transform large turf areas with water-wise landscaping (minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. of turf) (Commercial properties only)
  • Install irrigation upgrades recommended by an expert during a free Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency evaluation (Agricultural properties only)