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Partnering with Small Businesses

The Water Authority works with small businesses to procure goods and services that support the essential work of the agency. The Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program, known as SCOOP, is designed to maximize small business participation on Water Authority contracts and procurements.

If your company is interested in doing business with the Water Authority, following a few simple steps will help you begin to position your company to win a piece of the Water Authority contracting pie:

SCOOP Resources

With an emphasis on outreach and partnering, rather than on goals or quotas, the SCOOP program has resulted in significant small business inclusion in all procurement sectors, including construction, professional services, maintenance and non-professional services, and materials, supplies and equipment.

This objective is met through outreach activities such as networking, training, and technical assistance. SCOOP facilitates the development and reinforcement of skill sets that small businesses need to partner, bid, and perform successfully on Water Authority projects.

SCOOP Forms & Documents

SCOOP Contractor Letter of Intent

download this documentSCOOP Contractor Letter of Intent

Design Manuals

Design manuals show the practices and standards for designing projects at the Water Authority.

download this documentDesign Manual Volume One – Design Contractor Guide download this documentDesign Manual Volume Two – Facility Design Guide


To access the Water Authority’s typical insurance terms and conditions, refer to the applicable contract and purchase order templates (e.g. professional service contract, O&M maintenance contract). Insurance limits are established on a project specific basis and are made a part of the solicitation. 

download this documentGeneral Liability download this documentWorkers Compensation download this documentAutomobile Liability download this documentProfessional Liability download this documentProperty Insurance download this documentEnvironmental Impairment Liability download this documentExcess Liability Form

Surplus Items

The Water Authority uses a third party online auction service to dispose of surplus property.

link Surplus Items

SCOOP Outreach Policy & Instructions

The Water Authority’s Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program is designed to maximize participation of diverse, qualified, small contractors, consultants, and material suppliers seeking to do business with the Water Authority. Effective implementation of SCOOP is a requirement of the project and award of a contract will be determined, in part, by the Contractor’s demonstrated effort in conducting effective outreach to small contractors. Failure to comply with the requirements herein shall render the bid as non-responsive.

download this documentSCOOP Requirements

Schedule A-2: Subcontracting Opportunities & Contact Log

Description of work, cost estimate and breakdown and what came of that vendor’s proposal.

download this documentSchedule A2 – PDF download this documentSchedule A2 – Word Doc

Schedule A-1: Subcontractor Designations

Identify Work that can be Subcontracted. Evidence of Fulfillment

(i)Complete and submit Schedule A-2 by entering:

  • A description of each item of work solicited from subcontractors;
  • Estimated cost of work, materials or services;
  • Percent of total fee; and
  • Whether or not a subcontractor or vendor was selected, and the reason for selection/non-selection.

Complete Schedule A-1 by entering the name and location of the place of business of each subcontractor, vendor, supplier, trucker,or service provider who will perform work or labor or render service to the Contractor, or who will furnish materials, products or equipment to the Contractor, and the portion of work to be furnished or supplied by each subcontractor.

download this documentSchedule A1 – PDF download this documentSchedule A1 – Word

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

download this documentMaterials, Supplies, & Equipment (sample) download this documentServices (sample)

Business Resources

  • San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center, also known as Procurement Technical Assistance Center, assists San Diego small businesses in how to do business with federal, state and local government agencies. This assistance is provided at no cost to the small business owner. The center is funded by local government agencies and the Department of Defense.
  • System for Award Management was created as a one-stop repository of vendor data for the U.S. government to avoid administrative duplication and allow contractors to take responsibility for the accuracy of their business information by supplying it directly to the government through a single registration.
  • State of California, Department of General Services is the State of California’s Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, which provides programs and certifications.
  • San Diego & Imperial Small Business Development Center helps businesses grow and succeed through no-cost business consulting and low-cost training to new and existing businesses.
  • Public Agency Consortium Ad Hoc Committee is a partnership of public agencies in the San Diego region focused on increasing bidding opportunities and the likelihood of success of small businesses on public agency contracts. The partnership includes the Water Authority, California Department of Transportation, San Diego Association of Governments, City of San Diego, County of San Diego and other regional and local public agencies and others committed to assisting and educating small businesses on working with public agencies. 
  • National Institute of Governmental Purchasing classifies products and services procured by government agencies. Register with The Network to identify relevant NIGP codes and locate other small businesses via NIGP code.

Water Authority’s Online Vendor Portal

Vendor Registration via Bidnet’s California Purchasing Group

The Water Authority utilizes Bidnet’s California Purchasing Group as its online vendor portal. Registration is free regardless of company size. 

Registration in Bidnet’s California Purchasing Group provides access to solicitation documents (Notices Inviting Bids, Requests for Proposals) posted by the Water Authority and other participating public agencies. In addition, participants will receive automatic email notifications when solicitations are posted that are relevant to their profile.

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