Lake Murray to Sweetwater Relining

Project Background

Pipeline 3 Relining Project: Lake Murray to Sweetwater Reservoir

The Water Authority in 2018 completed crucial relining work on a section of a regional wholesale water pipeline, which extended its service life by 75 years or more. Pipeline 3 traverses the western portion of San Diego County from the Riverside County border to Sweetwater Reservoir. The section of relined pipeline extends from Lake Murray in the north to Sweetwater Reservoir in the south. It serves the Helix Water District and Sweetwater Authority, and it traverses portions of Baltimore Drive and Spring Street in La Mesa and the unincorporated communities of Spring Valley and La Presa. A total of 4.3 miles of large-diameter pipeline was relined to prevent service disruptions to member agencies.

Construction crews mitigated impacts to nearby residents

Construction crews conducted most of the work underground, inside the pipe. They accessed the pipe by excavating, establishing, and entering the pipeline through access sites, or portals.

Much of the construction work associated with the project was located within public street rights-of-way, where the pipeline is located. Where portals were located in the vicinity of residences, large wooden sound walls were temporarily placed to ease noise impacts to residents.

Project Status: Completed

This project was completed in 2018.