Hauck Mesa Storage Reservoir

Project Background

Hauck Mesa Storage Reservoir Improves Regional Water Deliveries

The Water Authority’s First and Second Aqueducts deliver treated and untreated water throughout San Diego County while the Valley Center Pipeline and Pump Station facilitate treated water deliveries between the two aqueducts. The pump station boosts water from the Second and First Aqueducts to serve the Valley Center Municipal Water District, Vallecitos Water District, Vista Irrigation District and Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District.

The new storage reservoir enhances the Water Authority’s ability to provide reliable and efficient deliveries of treated water to member agencies. Construction was completed in June 2023.

New flow regulatory structure to enhance service reliability

The Hauck Mesa Storage Reservoir project constructed a new, above ground water tank, or storage reservoir, on the Valley Center Pipeline to enhance service reliability. The reservoir will help eliminate pump station surge and outage events and provide operational flexibility by balancing treated water flows between the First and Second Aqueducts. The work included the demolition of an out-of-service welded steel tank, site grading, and the construction of a 2.1 million gallon treated water reservoir, valve vault and flow control facility to regulate water flows.

Project Status: Completed

This project was completed in 2023.