Nob Hill Pipeline Improvements

Project Background

Project Replaces Pipeline Sections to Benefit Regional Water Delivery

This project replaced approximately 900 feet of two sections of existing pipelines with one pipeline at a lower elevation in the Nob Hill area of Scripps Ranch. The new pipeline was constructed by tunneling and improves the Water Authority’s ability to operate and maintain its pipelines and structures, eliminating the likelihood of a future uncontrolled release of water in this area. The project was complete, including revegetation efforts in the surrounding area, in 2017.

In addition to replacing the two pipeline sections, the Water Authority constructed a new access road to Nob Hill from Scripps Lake Drive along the Water Authority’s right-of-way, west of Miramar Dam, as part of this project. The new access road eliminates the need for Water Authority vehicles to use Scripps Nob Hill roads to access Water Authority’s facilities, which provides a long-term benefit for the nearby community.

Project Status: Completed

This project was completed in 2017.