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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Operation and

The Water Authority's trucks and heavy equipment were headquartered in Escondido in 1952, as they are today.


Major East County Relining Project Concludes

Relining 4.3 miles of Pipeline 3 from Lake Murray to Sweetwater Reservoir formally concluded. The project included relining approximately 23,000 feet of existing 66-inch and 69-inch diameter pipe, rehabilitating mechanical structures, and abandoning four flow control facilities. The $37 million project was part of the agency’s Aqueduct Relining and Pipe Replacement Program to extend the lifespan of large-diameter, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe.

“Relining our existing pipes is quicker and more cost-effective than excavating, removing and replacing an entire pipeline. In partnership with our member agencies, the Water Authority has developed an efficient and proactive plan to ensure continued water supply reliability for the entire region.”
Gary Olvera
Senior Construction Manager
Water Authority