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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

and Collaboration

The Water Authority’s Second Aqueduct, shown here in 1960, traverses the rugged backcountry of San Diego County.


New Award Celebrates Water Innovation & Efficiency

The Water Authority presented its 2018 Water Innovation & Efficiency Award to Kyocera for reducing its annual water use by more than 6 million gallons at its San Diego facility, a decrease of nearly 20 percent since 2014. The award marked the Water Authority’s inaugural effort to recognize water-efficiency investments among the region’s top manufacturing companies. The 2018 Water Innovation & Efficiency Award was announced at the Industrial Environmental Association’s 34th Annual Environmental Conference. Kyocera achieved significant water savings by installing a $30 valve that allowed the company to repurpose reverse osmosis water that didn’t meet purity standards and use it as cooling water. That move alone saved about 373,000 gallons per month.

“It takes a lot of water to manufacture the technology that surrounds us, and we must act in good conscience to recycle as much of that water as possible. The fact that we can save money while doing this makes it a win-win all around.”
Meridith Marquis
Divisional Vice President for General Affairs