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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

and Leadership

Pipeline 2, a 48-inch-diameter pipeline built adjacent to Pipeline 1, began delivering imported water in 1954.


Fresh Approach Aims to Resolve Rate Litigation

Board Chair Jim Madaffer sent a letter to the Metropolitan Water District’s Board of Directors in October that laid out a potential for compromise approach by both parties designed to end nearly a decade of litigation over MWD’s rates. The letter included specific, practical terms that respected both the Water Authority’s and MWD’s perspectives towards an equitable conclusion. Madaffer’s letter built on the commitment of his predecessor, former Water Authority Board Chair Mark Muir, to seek an end to lawsuits that started in 2010 and involve billions of dollars of contested rates and charges.

“Concluding all pending court cases is in the best interest of everyone involved, and it would allow us to begin a new era of collaboration on other important regional and state issues. I hope MWD will embrace this gesture of good faith to seek settlement, and that we can do so in an expeditious and fair manner.”
Jim Madaffer
Water Authority Board of Directors