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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Innovation and
Business Services

The Water Authority formed with nine charter members in 1944 to administer the region’s Colorado River rights, import water, and take over operations of the regional aqueduct.



The Water Authority completed an Integrated Project Controls Management System at the end of the fiscal year, using automated data collection to minimize manual data entry for Capital Improvement Program projects. The project included an integrated reporting tool that provides real-time project management data to help ensure project and Capital Improvement Program success. The system quickly identifies deviations from standards and notifies stakeholders to begin corrective actions. The tool was developed by staff from the Water Authority’s Engineering and Administrative Services departments, lowering the cost compared to estimates from outside vendors.

CIP Project Dashboard Screenshot
The Water Authority's Engineering and Administrative Services teams collaborated to develop this innovative dashboard, which provides real-time data to help project managers and supervisors ensure a high level of success. The automation of data collection and reporting also alleviates the requirement for manual data collection for reports.