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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

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The Water Authority formed with nine charter members in 1944 to administer the region’s Colorado River rights, import water, and take over operations of the regional aqueduct.


Second Phase of Drone Study Takes Flight

Following the launch of a pilot study on drone use the year before, two Water Authority employees completed Federal Aviation Administration requirements for drone pilot certifications. The Water Authority also purchased a low-cost drone, and staff completed training flights in November 2018 over two Water Authority fee-owned parcels. In January 2019, flights over six inaccessible segments of the aqueduct were performed. In addition, a drone flight was conducted over an active relining construction project in North County to video a construction portal on Pipeline 5. Preliminary results of this study show that the drones have allowed staff to safely and efficiently inspect the surface of the aqueduct system and identify areas of concern. Phase II of the study is scheduled to end in December 2020.