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2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

and Collaboration

The Water Authority’s Second Aqueduct, shown here in 1960, traverses the rugged backcountry of San Diego County.


Water Authority Toasts Brewing Industry

Recognizing the growing significance of the region’s craft beer and coffee roasting industries, the Water Authority’s Board of Directors declared February to be Brewing Month in San Diego County as part of the regional Brought to You by Water outreach and education program.

“Stewardship and sustainability are part of our vision and core values, so respecting our water is a natural. The B2UbyH2O promotion is a real eye-opener about the importance of water for our region’s continued success.”
Torrey Lee
Cafe Moto

As part of the promotion, Café Moto – one of the oldest and largest local coffee roasters – developed Authority 1944 blend, which celebrated the Water Authority’s formation 75 years ago.

Events throughout the month directly reached more than 1,000 key community leaders with value of water messages, and a social media photo contest generated more than 250 posts celebrating the region's extraordinary local beer and coffee scene.