Water Authority to Install Solar Power Systems at Three Facilities

The San Diego County Water Authority has signed a 20-year agreement with San Diego-based Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. to install and operate solar electric power systems at three major Water Authority facilities. Based on today’s energy costs, the Water Authority’s energy cost savings is estimated at nearly $1.7 million over the life of the contract.

Water Authority Board Approves Natural Community/Habitat Conservation Plan

The San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors today approved several important measures that will ensure that environmentally sensitive habitat and species in San Diego County are protected for decades to come, while facilitating the construction and operation of current and future facilities vital to the water supply reliability of the region.

Water Authority Board Adopts Position of Oppose on Proposition 16

The San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors today voted to adopt a position of oppose on Proposition 16, a statewide initiative that would amend the state constitution to require a two-thirds super-majority vote before a public agency could provide electric delivery service to new customers. The measure is on the June 8, 2010 statewide primary election ballot.

New ‘Guide’ Offers Tips, Tools and Inspiration for WaterSmart Living

San Diego County residents now have a versatile and comprehensive resource for indoor and outdoor water conservation available at their fingertips wherever they go.

The San Diego County Water Authority on Friday published its “eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle” to inspire, educate and empower homeowners to make water-efficient choices in their homes and gardens. The mobile, interactive guide is designed to reduce the obstacles between discovering interesting ideas – online, at a friend’s house or in a store – and turning them into reality.

Low-Water-Use Plants Discounted at Spring Plant Fairs

As the days get longer, the San Diego County Water Authority and 11 member agencies once again are partnering with several local The Home Depot stores to offer discounts on water-efficient plants ideal for springtime planting. The San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs run from Feb. 20 to May 21 at Home Depot stores from Chula Vista to Oceanside.

New State Water-Use Regulation Offers Regional Benefits from Seawater Desalination

The San Diego County Water Authority is working with state regulators to certify the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant as a drought-resilient local supply source that will reduce state-mandated water-use targets across the region.

More Than $31 Million Awarded to Water Projects in San Diego Region

The San Diego region has been awarded $31.1 million in grant money by the state Department of Water Resources for a variety of projects that will increase local water supplies, decrease water demands, improve water quality, manage stormwater, restore habitat and enhance species.

Discounts Available on Low-Water-Use Plants at Fall Plant Fairs

Once again this fall, the San Diego County Water Authority and 11 member agencies have partnered with The Home Depot to offer significant savings on water-efficient plants at San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs from Chula Vista to Oceanside starting Sept. 26. In addition, the Water Authority and member agencies are holding several free workshops around the region that teach homeowners the basics of WaterSmart landscape makeovers.