Water Authority calls for increased water conservation efforts throughout the county

The San Diego County Water Authority has issued a request for increased conservation efforts during hot summer weather. Just as we try to conserve electricity to avoid blackouts, residents and businesses should conserve water during hot summer days to avoid water shortages.

Higher temperatures mean demand for treated water will also increase. Cooperative conservation efforts by businesses and residents in San Diego County will help manage the availability of treated water supplies during hot weather.

Water Authority Announces ’20-Gallon Challenge’ for Voluntary Water Conservation

The San Diego County Water Authority today urged residents around the region to reduce their water use by 20 gallons a day per person so the region can store more water for 2008. This call is in response to historic dry conditions affecting all of the region’s water supply sources and uncertainty over the volume of future deliveries from the State Water Project.

Excessive heat taxes treatment plants: Water Authority issues urgent call for decreased water use

The San Diego County Water Authority is issuing an urgent call for homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego County to curtail all unnecessary water use between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. through the end of this week. Local and regional water treatment plants are now running at full capacity because extremely high temperatures around the region have spiked demand for treated water.

County Water Authority Board Approves Expanded Water Treatment Options

The San Diego County Water Authority board of directors today approved actions to expand its water treatment policies and to solicit proposals for design, construction and operation of additional treatment plant capacity in the San Diego region. Today’s actions were taken as part of the board’s ongoing effort to diversify and improve the reliability of the Authority’s water resources.

Water Authority Proposes Restructured Water Transfer Agreement

The San Diego County Water Authority Friday released details of a proposed restructured water transfer agreement with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) that directly responds to concerns raised in Imperial Valley since the historic accord was signed in April 1998. The restructuring of the deal's first 15 years, officials say, amounts to a monumental step forward in resolving all outstanding issues.

Board votes to file appeal on preferential rights judgment

The San Diego County Water Authority board of directors voted to appeal the trial court's dismissal of the lawsuit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to determine preferential rights to Metropolitan's water. The appeal is in response to San Francisco Superior Court Judge James J. McBride's judgment sustaining a demurrer filed by MWD against the Authority.

Water Authority Supports Water Bond Measure; Urges Legislators to Vote ‘Yes’ Today

The San Diego County Water Authority today announced its full support for Senate Bill 866 (Wolk/Steinberg) and Assembly Bill 1471 (Rendon/Atkins), companion $7.545 billion state water bond measures that would fund critical new water supply development and large-scale water infrastructure projects important for the future of San Diego County and all of California.

Landmark Trial Over MWD’s Rates Concludes in Superior Court

Lawyers for the San Diego County Water Authority on Monday wrapped up their case against the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, concluding a five-day trial with more than $2 billion at stake for county residents. Judge Curtis E. A. Karnow requested post-trial briefs from both parties by Jan. 17, with a hearing on those briefs scheduled for Jan. 23. Following the Jan. 23 hearing, Judge Karnow will take the matter under submission before issuing his decision.