‘When in Drought’ Campaign Asks Region to Conserve Water Every Day, Every Way

Supported by civic and business leaders, the San Diego County Water Authority on Tuesday unveiled a new regional campaign to encourage additional voluntary water conservation in response to statewide drought conditions.

The campaign’s theme – When in Drought: Save every day, every way. – will appear in ads, public service announcements, online communications and elsewhere in coming months.

Water Authority Poll Shows Public Likely to Continue Water-Efficient Practices

Over the past four years, urban water users in San Diego County have reduced their water use by 20 percent, according to the San Diego County Water Authority.  Now, a new countywide poll commissioned by the Water Authority found most residents plan to continue their water-saving practices under a variety of conditions, including the end of mandatory water use restrictions. 

Public Opinion Poll Shows High Level of Confidence in Region’s Water Supply Reliability

In the wake of one of the most significant droughts in California’s history, public confidence in the reliability of the San Diego region’s water supply has grown to extraordinarily high levels, according to the San Diego County Water Authority’s most recent public opinion poll. Residents also continued to show strong support for the region’s water supply diversification strategy, using water efficiently and the value of water compared to other utilities. The Water Authority has performed periodic public opinion research for more than 17 years to determine local residents’ knowledge and attitudes regarding water issues. The latest poll of 1,001 adults […]

Public Opinion Poll Shows Increasing Support for Water Supply Diversification Amid Drought

The vast majority of San Diego County residents – 84 percent – support the region’s water supply diversification strategy, according to the San Diego County Water Authority’s most recent public opinion poll presented to the Board of Directors on Thursday. The survey also showed that 87 percent of respondents believe using water efficiently is a civic duty, while more than half said they could conserve more at home and support mandatory measures to cut water use.

Countywide Survey Shows High Levels of Awareness, Support for Water Conservation

A new poll commissioned by the San Diego County Water Authority shows widespread awareness of water supply challenges, strong backing of water conservation measures and mandatory restrictions, and continuing support for developing additional local water supplies. In another key finding, a majority of respondents now favor adding highly treated recycled water to the region’s drinking water supply.

County residents support local water supply development over increasing imported water

The results of a recent public opinion survey conducted for the San Diego County Water Authority, shows that many San Diego County residents support the development of local water resources over increasing imported water supplies. Support for local water supplies remains high, even if it is more expensive than increasing imported water supplies.

New Survey Shows Strong Regional Support for Enhancing Water Reliability

San Diego County residents strongly support efforts to continue improving water supply reliability and they largely trust local water agencies to do that work, according to a regional public opinion survey released today by the San Diego County Water Authority. An overwhelming majority (94%) of respondents favor expanding the use of recycled water for agriculture and irrigation, and 79% support purifying wastewater to drinking water standards with advanced treatment technologies. In addition, 71% of respondents back efforts by the Water Authority to store water in Lake Mead on the Colorado River for use during droughts and emergencies, and to help […]