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How to Add or Edit Tabs on a Page

Tabs are added and edited through the Advanced Tabs Block within page edit area of Pages and Posts. Select existing Tab area or create new block as follows.

  1. Find or search for tabs within new block and select Advanced Tabs
  2. By default you’ll now see three tabs, labeled Tab 1, Tab 2, and Tab 3
  3. Select Tab Title for any of these to customize Label for each Tab
  4. Edit Content within Tab area by selecting the Tab you want to edit. You can use any of the same Blocks that you normally would within that tabs content.
  5. Review Advanced Tabs Block Settings within the right sidebar area
    1. Tabs Style – Choose tab alignment on top or side as prefered
    2. Tabs Settings – Choose the Initial Open Tab (Tab 1 by default)
    3. Tab Colors – Available setting but suggest just using default colors
    4. Body Colors– Option for changing body color, suggest using default
    5. Border Settings – Choose border options but suggest using default
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