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How to Add or Edit Contact Cards

Contact Cards are used for displaying contact information in a quick and uniform way on any page using blocks option in page edit area. See details below on how to add and remove Contact Card as desired.

  1. Create new cards using Contact Card block (see screenshot)
  2. Select number of blocks across page, with choice of 2, 3 or 4 available
  3. Select desired fields to use, including: Name, Title, Phone, Phone Extension, Fax, Email, Address (multiple related address fields) and Map Link
  4. Add additional Contact Card by selecting the “Add Card” button (bottom of card)

Remove Contact Card by selecting “minus” sign beside it. Will show “Remove Row” on hover and message will pop up to confirm after selecting to remove

Note: Make sure to Update page to save changes. Also, includes option besides Update to Preview

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