Save More Now

The severity of the current drought makes it important for everyone in San Diego County to take more water-saving actions. While San Diego County continues to have enough water due to long-term investments in water sources and conservation, the region’s long-term supply reliability depends on a continued commitment to water-use efficiency indoors and outdoors by homes and businesses both large and small.

Investments Protect San Diego Region from Drought

Current dry conditions statewide are a reminder of just how important those investments are. The emerging drought also serves as a reminder that Sacramento should not impose one-size-fits-all mandates for combating drought like it did during the 2012-2016 drought. At that time, unprecedented state water-use decrees unnecessarily undermined regions like San Diego that had prepared for dry times.  It would be especially damaging to restart the drought cycle with sweeping one-size-fits all demands that are inequitable and counterproductive. That approach would depress our economy just as it’s restarting after the year-long pandemic pause. Instead, the state should employ a stress […]

Trust the Tap

The San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies are committed to providing safe and reliable drinking water to all of their customers. The water that is delivered to homes and businesses is rigorously treated and continuously monitored to ensure that it is pure and of the highest quality. When you turn on the faucet, you can trust that your drinking water: Is clean, safe and affordable  Is treated to eliminate viruses, including coronaviruses and bacteria Is tested to meet strict government standards To learn more about the quality of your water, go to: Water Quality To learn […]