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Water Authority Recommends Adoption of Voluntary Conservation Measures on Feb. 13

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors is accelerating its schedule to address unprecedented drought conditions in California. The Board will consider urging increased voluntary water conservation at a special meeting on Feb. 13.

The Water Authority staff is recommending a stepped-up drought response by activating the agency’s Water Shortage and Drought Response Plan to help preserve stored water reserves in Southern California and assist in managing the potential long-term impacts of the state’s water crisis.

Water Authority Wins Key Rate Case Rulings at Court of Appeal

“In today’s ruling, the Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the Water Authority, the San Diego region, and its ratepayers on several significant elements of our lawsuits to secure legal rates at the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. “One key ruling is that the Water Authority is entitled to tens of thousands of acre-feet more water from MWD than MWD had calculated under its preferential rights formula – a benefit valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars based on payments made by the Water Authority. Another is that MWD collected millions of dollars in illegal […]

Water Authority Board Endorses State Bond to Fund Natural Resource Upgrades

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors today voted to endorse Proposition 68, a state bond measure that would fund projects important to the San Diego region and allocate more than $1 billion for water-related initiatives statewide. If passed by California voters on June 5, the bond would provide $200 million to Salton Sea restoration activities and $12 million for the San Diego River Conservancy as part of a $4 billion package to address natural resource issues across California. “Robust Salton Sea funding in this bond measure is significant for San Diego County because it supports agreements that […]

Water Authority Recommends $1.5 Billion Budget for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017

The San Diego County Water Authority’s general manager on Thursday recommended a $1.5 billion budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, up 2 percent from the current two-year budget due largely to higher costs for the purchase and treatment of water.

All-American Canal Lining Project reaches critical milestone

The Imperial Irrigation District, San Diego County Water Authority, state Department of Water Resources and Bureau of Reclamation today celebrated the pending completion of the All-American Canal lining project, an innovative and collaborative effort that will play a key role in helping California conserve much-needed water supplies.

“This is a project whose time had clearly come,” said IID General Manager Brian Brady. “The era of limits on the Colorado River imposes new expectations – and responsibilities – on all water users.”

Judge Awards $8.9 Million in Attorneys’ Fees to Water Authority in MWD Rate Case

After losing a landmark judgment in 2015, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California must pay $8.9 million in attorneys’ fees to the San Diego County Water Authority, a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled Thursday. As the prevailing party, the Water Authority is entitled to its attorneys’ fees, according to the court order; a previous decision awarded the Water Authority more than $320,000 in court costs.

Water Authority’s Diversification Strategy Lauded in ‘New Visions, Smart Choices’ Report

The San Diego County Water Authority’s multifaceted plan for diversifying the region’s water supplies is a model for other communities around the West, according to a report released Tuesday by a non-profit network of water managers, scientists and conservationists called Carpe Diem West

New Visions, Smart Choices

Water Authority receives two awards for Coachella Canal Lining Project

The Coachella Canal Lining Project, a critical component of the San Diego County Water Authority’s effort to diversify its water supply, has received two distinguished awards recognizing the project for its innovative design and unique construction.

The San Diego Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers selected the CCLP as its Project of the Year out of 32 projects considered by the organization. The CCLP also received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Western Council of Construction Consumers.

Customer Demand Exhausts Funds for Water Authority’s Turf Replacement Program

After a successful run of more than two years, the San Diego County Water Authority’s turf replacement incentive program has stopped accepting applications because grant funds for the initiative will be exhausted by pending rebate requests. Launched in December 2012, the WaterSmart Turf Replacement Program will directly account for the replacement of more than 1 million square feet of water-intensive turf grass with low-water-use landscapes across the region.