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Residential Rebates and More Fact Sheet

download this documentResidential Rebates and More Fact Sheet

San Luis Rey Habitat Management Area Restoration Project

Final Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study.

download this documentVolume I: Section 1 through 6 download this documentVolume II: Appendices download this documentMMRP

San Vicente Energy Storage Facility

download this documentSan Vicente Energy Storage Facility

San Vicente Reservoir, Dam and Pipeline Fact Sheet

download this documentSan Vicente Reservoir, Dam and Pipeline

Schedule A-1: Subcontractor Designations

Identify Work that can be Subcontracted. Evidence of Fulfillment (i)Complete and submit Schedule A-2 by entering: A description of each item of work solicited from subcontractors;Estimated cost of work, materials…

download this documentSchedule A1 - PDF download this documentSchedule A1 - Word

Schedule A-2: Subcontracting Opportunities & Contact Log

Description of work, cost estimate and breakdown and what came of that vendor's proposal.

download this documentSchedule A2 - PDF download this documentSchedule A2 - Word Doc

SCOOP Outreach Policy & Instructions

The Water Authority’s Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program is designed to maximize participation of diverse, qualified, small contractors, consultants, and material suppliers seeking to do business with the Water…

download this documentSCOOP Requirements

Seawater Desalination – Carlsbad Fact Sheet

download this documentSeawater Desalination – Carlsbad Fact Sheet