I am helping San Diego County thrive!

Upgrade your landscape with native and low-water plants like me and take advantage of free resources and rebates.

Thousands of San Diegans have already embraced beautiful low-water landscapes as the climate gets hotter and drier.

Low-water plants, improved irrigation technologies, and WaterSmart classes not only save water, but also reduce energy use, protect our natural resources, and create beautiful outdoor living spaces. Summer is the right time to start planning your next landscape upgrades!

Rebates & Resources

Residential Incentives and Programs

Take advantage of rebates on water-saving technologies such as rain barrels and irrigation nozzles. Or schedule free Water-Use Surveys to make your property more water efficient.

WaterSmart Classes

Let us help you create your own WaterSmart landscape with free classes and on-demand videos. Learn about living soils, climate-appropriate plants, high-efficiency irrigation, and rainwater harvesting.

WaterSmart Resources

Creating a WaterSmart landscape requires careful planning but offers many benefits including: improving your property’s beauty, reducing maintenance, minimizing water pollution due to runoff, and conserving water.

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Plant Me

This project is financed under the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006, administered by State of California, Department of Water Resources.