Draft State Water Regs Support Cost-Effective Approach

March 20, 2024

Rules set ambitious standards for water-use efficiency

The San Diego County Water Authority today released the following statement supporting efforts by the State Water Resources Control Board to enhance water-use efficiency through draft of regulations known as “Making Conservation a California Way of Life.”

“The San Diego County Water Authority appreciates the State Board’s efforts to balance complex interests while continuing to make conservation a way of life. The board’s draft regulations issued last week are a step in the right direction. The regulations remain ambitious and set aggressive standards for water stewardship. At the same time, the current proposal includes a more feasible timeline and a more cost-effective approach for water suppliers – and ultimately the residents and businesses – who will both implement and pay for the regulation. Water affordability continues to be a top priority for water suppliers across the state as they balance low water sales with the rising costs required to deliver a safe, reliable water supply.

“In San Diego County, we have invested heavily in water-use efficiency, and per capita water use today is 50% below 1990 levels. While water use fluctuates with the weather, our region has a proven, decades-long trend of lower and lower water use that shows a sustained commitment to conservation as a foundational piece of our water reliability portfolio.”

— Dan Denham, general manager of the San Diego County Water Authority

  • The San Diego County Water Authority sustains a $268 billion regional economy and the quality of life for 3.3 million residents through a multi-decade water supply diversification plan, major infrastructure investments and forward-thinking policies that promote fiscal and environmental responsibility. A public agency created in 1944, the Water Authority delivers wholesale water supplies to 23 retail water providers, including cities, special districts and a military base.

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