Save More Now

January 03, 2023

The severity of the current drought makes it important for everyone in San Diego County to take more water-saving actions. While San Diego County continues to have enough water due to long-term investments in water sources and conservation, the region’s long-term supply reliability depends on a continued commitment to water-use efficiency indoors and outdoors by homes and businesses both large and small.

State Water Use Mandates

As of May 24, 2022, new statewide regulations prohibit watering decorative grass in common areas of subdivisions and homeowners associations, as well as on commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.

Local Water Use Restrictions

Contact your local water agency for information about water restrictions, conservation programs and incentives, to establish water service, or pay a bill.

Residential Rebates

Residents can take advantage of savings on a variety of water-saving technologies such as high-efficiency clothes washers and toilets, rain barrels and irrigation nozzles. Residents can schedule free WaterSmart Checkups to make their properties more water-efficient.

Commercial Rebates

From free on-farm irrigation assessments of irrigation water to incentives for converting industrial water systems to recycled water service, there are numerous opportunities to improve water efficiency at commercial properties.

WaterSmart Checkup

A WaterSmart Checkup is your free opportunity to receive site-specific water-saving recommendations. You’ll benefit from the perspective of our certified irrigation professionals. And you decide if and when to implement the suggestions.

WaterSmart Makeover Landscape Classes

Using water efficiently is a responsibility but it doesn’t prevent you from having a beautiful landscape. As residents, we can improve how we make the most our water supplies with a fresh approach to low-water landscaping.

WaterSmart Resources

Saving water is easier than you might think. A few simple changes can make a big difference – especially outdoors. More than half of residential water use is for landscape irrigation.

Drought Outreach

As part of its commitment to promoting conservation through outreach and education, the Water Authority produces a variety of materials, including videos and fact sheets, to inspire water-saving efforts.


The Water Authority is collaborating with the Department of Water Resources’ Save Our Water program, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and its 24 member agencies on public outreach and education efforts this summer designed to stop water waste and increase conservation efforts statewide.