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Water Authority board approves $1.48 billion budget for fiscal years 2008 and 2009

The San Diego County Water Authority board of directors today approved a $1.48 billion budget for fiscal years 2008 and 2009 that funds the agency’s operations and capital improvements, a 10.4 percent increase over the prior two-year budget.

Governor appoints Water Authority board member Bill Knutson to Colorado River Board

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed San Diego County Water Authority board member Bill Knutson to the Colorado River Board of California as the Water Authority's representative on the board.

The Colorado River Board was established in 1937 by state law to protect California's rights and interests in the resources provided by the Colorado River and to represent California in discussions and negotiations regarding the Colorado River and its management. California representatives on the Colorado River Board serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Water Authority Moving Forward with Milestone Pipeline Relining

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors today approved a milestone project in the agency’s Pipeline Relining Program, authorizing the contract to rehabilitate more than four miles of large-diameter pipeline between Lake Murray and Sweetwater Reservoir. The $28.6 million project is part of the Water Authority’s multi-decade program to rehabilitate prestressed concrete cylinder pipeline (PCCP) within the Water Authority’s conveyance system with steel liners to extend their service life and ensure continued system reliability. When completed, the Water Authority will have rehabilitated approximately 45 miles of PCCP and passed the halfway point toward achieving the program’s overall goal […]

San Vicente Reservoir Closing to Recreation Sept. 2

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2, San Vicente Reservoir will be closed to all recreational use in preparation for a project to raise the height of the reservoir’s dam to increase its water storage capacity. During the closure of the city of San Diego-owned reservoir, water skiing, wake boarding, general boating and fishing will not be allowed.

Water Authority Board Adopts Two-Year Budget and Approves 2014 Rates

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday approved wholesale water rates for calendar year 2014 and adopted a $1.5 billion budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

The new two-year budget is 5.2 percent larger than the current budget, mostly to cover higher costs for the purchase and treatment of imported water. Wholesale rates that the Water Authority charges its 24 member agencies next year will increase by 2.6 percent for untreated supplies and 3.5 percent for treated supplies.

San Diego County Water Authority Mission Trails pipeline repair update

The San Diego County Water Authority continued to assess repairs needed on Pipeline 3, an untreated water pipeline that failed May 16 in Mission Trails Regional Park. The damaged pipeline was inspected internally, and several areas were excavated for an external visual inspection. A total of eight damaged pipe sections have been identified that need repair.

Water Authority Shuts Down Untreated Water Pipeline in Mission Trails Park Following Failure

The San Diego County Water Authority is repairing a pipeline in a remote section of Mission Trails Regional Park after a section of it failed early Sunday just north of the San Diego River.

No injuries were reported and initial assessments indicate that property damage was limited to erosion in the park from the release of approximately 3 million gallons of untreated water from the pipeline, known as Pipeline 4, into the San Diego River. Water service to homes and business was not affected.

Water Authority Solicits Proposals for Potential Joint Energy Storage Facility with City of San Diego

The San Diego County Water Authority this week issued a Request for Proposals for a potential joint energy storage project with the City of San Diego that could lessen upward pressure on water rates and also increase opportunities for renewable energy penetration throughout the region by leveraging existing infrastructure at San Vicente Reservoir. The potential project would consist of a closed-loop interconnection and pumping system between the existing San Vicente Reservoir (which is owned by the City of San Diego) near Lakeside and a new, smaller reservoir located uphill. The system could provide up to 500 megawatts of renewable energy. […]