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2021 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Innovation and
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Pipelines Assessed in Record Time with Latest Technology

In July 2020, the Water Authority’s asset management team completed a comprehensive condition assessment of more than 27 miles of the agency’s oldest pipelines. The assessment was performed in record time over 16 months. As the pipelines were inspected, areas that required immediate attention were identified and repaired, thereby minimizing future disruptions to water service and impacts to the surrounding environment. Sections of the pipelines requiring future repairs were added to a list of upcoming projects prioritized by the risks and associated costs.

Throughout the condition assessment process, Water Authority staff worked closely with staff from member agencies to coordinate work being performed in their service areas and any potential impacts. The Water Authority partnered with multiple contractors to perform the complex work. Proactive repairs are crucial to ensuring the reliability of the regional water supply.

“The asset management team took advantage of scheduled pipeline shutdowns, and with careful coordination, assessment work was performed concurrently with other major rehabilitation efforts in the region. This innovative approach saved time and avoided unnecessary disruptions in service to our member agencies. ”
Martin Coghill
Operations and Maintenance Manager
Water Authority