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2020 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Diversification and

Critical repairs were made on large-diameter pipes to ensure regional water supplies remained safe and reliable. During all construction projects, efforts are made to mitigate impacts to nearby communities and the environment.


Draft Study Highlights Region’s Water Conveyance Options

The Water Authority released a draft report in June 2020 showing the viability and cost-competitiveness of a new conveyance system to transport regional water supplies from the Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement. The Phase A report included technical and cost analysis by Black & Veatch Corp. and a preliminary economic analysis by Water Authority staff. The analysis also identified multiple partnership possibilities and potential benefits for the environment, water agencies, and others. Two viable alternatives emerged from the study, which were shown to be cost-competitive with other options such as relying more on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California or developing additional local supplies to meet future water demands.

“By releasing this draft report – along with an independent review of key financial assumptions – we are trying to spark a thoughtful dialogue about our region’s water future. Given the long lead time for major water infrastructure projects, it’s important that San Diego County wrestle with these complex questions today so we can control our own destiny tomorrow.”
Dan Denham
Deputy General Manager
Water Authority