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2020 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Era of

Innovation & Resilience in Challenging Times

Letter from the Board Officers and General Manager

Fiscal Year 2020 will go down as one for the ages. The emergence of a pandemic and the vengeance of the ensuing recession shaped our lives and our agency in profound ways. Through all the setbacks and challenges, we maintained our mission mindset by enhancing collaboration with our 24 member agencies and expanding our leadership in new ways.

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Covid-19 Response

When the coronavirus pandemic erupted, the Water Authority and its 24 member agencies immediately took several steps to ensure continued safe and secure water service across San Diego County. At the same time, the Water Authority shifted to remote work and took measures to protect essential staff in the field without missing a beat.


Diversification and

Completion of major aqueduct repair projects in North County underscored the value of the Water Authority’s Asset Management Program, while the agency started construction on an essential facility at Mission Trails Regional Park and retrofitted the Lake Hodges Hydroelectric and Pump Station Facility.


Legislation and

A year of transition included a new permanent general manager, a new permanent water rate program to benefit the region’s farmers and a new state law to help military veterans enter the water-wastewater workforce. It also included kudos for the Water Authority’s supply diversification strategy.

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Communication and

The Board of Directors made significant progress in reducing the scope of the rate case litigation with MWD after securing significant benefits for the region, as the Water Authority continued to develop award-winning programs and long-term proposals to enhance water supply reliability.


Innovation and
Business Services

Successfully controlling water rates despite significant upward pressure was a top priority for the year, but the Water Authority also advanced several initiatives to improve energy efficiency, secure data and expand job recruitment efforts in coordination with member agencies.