Water-Saving Superstars & Partners

From Pine Valley to Poway, from Carlsbad to Chula Vista, people and businesses all over San Diego County have changed their lifestyles and their landscapes to help our region save water. This includes residents and Water Authority partners who have taken actions to help promote the water-conservation message.

Watch the videos below to see what your neighbors are doing to save water!

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Water-Saving Superstars


Teresa and her family fix leaks immediately indoors and out.

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Jeremy takes shorter showers.

Judy's WaterSmart landscape uses 50% less water.


Monica teaches her students that it is important to save water.

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Jennifer's students save water by turning off the faucet when brushing their teeth.

Cynthia's new landscape looks great and saves water.

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Check out our partners and what actions they are taking to promote water conservation!