Water Authority’s Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir named “2003 Project of the Year”

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Water Authority’s Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir named “2003 Project of the Year”
San Diego Chapter of ASCE recognizes community benefit of unique project
May 10, 2004

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For a virtual tour of the dam project please click here: Olivenhain Dam Virtual Tour

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir project received San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ highest award, “2003 Project of the Year.” The SDASCE selected the Water Authority’s dam project for its contribution towards advancing the goals of the engineering profession and the enhancement of the public’s quality of life.

In presenting the award May 8 at its annual awards dinner ASCE recognized the unique nature of the project and the special effort by the Water Authority to address the needs and concerns of local residents.

The awards presentation noted that, “The dam and reservoir form the cornerstone of the Water Authority’s Emergency Storage Project, which will eventually provide over 90,000 acre-feet of water in case our imported supply pipelines are severed by an earthquake. This is the largest roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam in the United States, and the first RCC dam in California. The reservoir can hold 24,000 acre-feet of water, with 18,000 acre feet stored for emergency purposes. The rest is available for daily supply for the Olivenhain Municipal Water District.

The dam is nearly 320 feet tall and 2,570 feet long. RCC was placed at world record rates, as much as 16,000 cubic yards per day, in round-the-clock construction. More than 1.4 million cubic yards of RCC are in the dam. An extensive public outreach program successfully managed the concerns of local homeowners – many within shouting distance of the site – and the surrounding community.”

The Olivenhain Dam project is now eligible for the California ASCE “Project of the Year” award. If it wins the state award, the project could be nominated for the national ASCE “Project of the Year” award.

The San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), one of the largest Professional Engineering organizations in the County, annually recognizes achievements of engineers and contractors who have worked on outstanding local civil engineering projects through its awards program.

The San Diego County Water Authority is a public agency serving the San Diego region as a wholesale supplier of water from the Colorado River and Northern California. The Water Authority works through its 23 member agencies to provide a safe, reliable water supply to support the region’s $130 billion economy and the quality of life of 3 million residents.

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