Water Authority Urges Turning Off Irrigation Systems Immediately

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Water Authority Urges Turning Off Irrigation Systems Immediately
Rainstorms provide opportunity for everyone to help conserve water
December 11, 2008

National Weather Service forecasters predict rainfall for the San Diego region beginning Saturday, December 13 through Wednesday, December 17. The San Diego County Water Authority is urging residents, businesses and public agencies to immediately shut off landscape watering systems to conserve water. Irrigation systems can be turned off for several days following storms bringing measurable amounts of rain, and up to a week or more following heavy or prolonged storms.

The Water Authority estimates a voluntary one-week hiatus from using landscape watering systems across the region could save 2,000 acre-feet of water. To determine when it is necessary to turn water systems back on, the Water Authority recommends monitoring soil moisture and plant stress. Check soil moisture by sticking a shovel or your finger into the dirt. When the soil is dry one to two inches deep, it is time to water.

The region’s water supplies have been impacted by extremely dry conditions around California over the last two years, as well as by extensive drought conditions in the Colorado River basin. In addition, court-ordered pumping restrictions on the State Water Project have significantly cut water deliveries from Northern California this year and are expected to continue through 2009.

Other water conservation tips, incentives and programs, are available at www.20gallonchallenge.com.

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