Water Authority Supports New Statewide Water-Saving Rules

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Water Authority Supports New Statewide Water-Saving Rules
Prohibitions on water waste will conserve water as drought conditions worsen
March 18, 2015

“The San Diego County Water Authority strongly supports Tuesday’s efforts by the State Water Resources Control Board to respond to severe statewide drought conditions and preserve remaining water supplies.

“The regulations approved by the board are reasonable and consistent with measures the Water Authority and its member agencies have taken since late last summer. We encourage every resident and business to make sure they follow these rules, along with all other water-saving requirements enacted by local water agencies. While we don’t know how long the drought will last, we do know that limiting outdoor watering days, turning off sprinklers when it’s raining, serving water only to restaurant patrons who request it and hotels washing linens only when necessary are important water-saving strategies for our region and the state.”

-- Maureen Stapleton, general manager, San Diego County Water Authority

NOTE: For information about drought conditions and conservation-related resources, go to www.whenindrought.org.