Toilet discounts up to $165 for water-saving toilets won’t be around much longer

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Toilet discounts up to $165 for water-saving toilets won’t be around much longer
This Saturday, March 31 is last chance for homeowners
December 21, 2006

Homeowners who want to reduce their water use and expense can turn to high-efficiency toilets and a voucher discount worth up to $165 off the price of qualifying models. But they need to act soon. Available for 15 years in San Diego County, the discount incentive opportunity for single-family property owners ends this Saturday.

Homes built before 1994 that have yet to replace water guzzling 3.5- to 5-gallon-per-flush or more toilets are eligible for the cost saving vouchers. Dual-flush, pressure-assist and gravity-flow “high-efficiency” models are eligible for $165-per-toilet discounts at the time of purchase. And there’s a long list of 1.6-gpf models that qualify for $75 discounts.

One toll-free call to 800-986-4538 gets a voucher on its way to your home or faxed to the store where you would like to purchase a qualifying fixture. This year’s 25,000 toilet vouchers will be the last, as the Water Authority and its local member agencies refocus their single- family property conservation efforts on outdoor water use – an area where even greater water savings can be realized. It’s a first-come, first-served program, which means the time to replace old toilets is now, before the vouchers run out.

Toilets have saved billions of gallons of water...
The toilet-replacement program has been the Water Authority’s flagship conservation effort since 1991. It’s been a key to regional water savings.

“Conservation efforts have resulted in more than 102 billion gallons of water saved since 1991,” said Cindy Hansen, a senior water resources specialist of the San Diego County Water Authority. “Much of that savings comes from the more than 518,600 toilets replaced in San Diego county homes.”

It’s the foundation of the Water Authority’s regional goal of saving 100,000 acre-feet of water annually by 2030, according to Hansen.

How to get a voucher...
To request a toilet or clothes washer voucher, call 800-986-4538. It can be used for a point-of- purchase discount at participating wholesale and retail suppliers countywide. The following guidelines apply.

    •    Toilets and clothes washers must be selected from Water Authority lists of approved models. Call 800-986-4538 to request a copy or click here.
    •    Toilets must replace fixtures that are specified by their manufacturers to use at least 3.5 gallons per flush.
    •    Toilets installed as part of new construction or bathroom additions do not qualify.
    •    Participating property owners agree to onsite installation verification.
    •    The last date to request toilet vouchers is March 31, 2007.

Customers of the following participating water agencies are eligible for vouchers: Carlsbad Municipal Water District, City of Del Mar, City of Escondido, Fallbrook Utility District (clothes washers only), Helix Water District, Lakeside Water District, City of Oceanside, Otay Water District, Padre Dam Municipal Water District, City of Poway, Rainbow Municipal Water District, Ramona Municipal Water District, Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District, Riverview Water District, City of San Diego, San Dieguito Water District, Santa Fe Irrigation District, Sweetwater Authority (clothes washers only), Vallecitos Water District, Valley Center Municipal Water District and Vista Irrigation District.

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