H2O Central!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Water That You Didn't Know to Ask. 

This is the spot for fun brochures, websites, and links to games.  Look around, stay a while.  You might just find something cool.

Sites with lots of information, activities, and games:

This site offers games, interesting facts, and animations for grades K-9.
Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids' Stuff

Activities for grades K-2

Information for upper grades. Includes lots of facts, figures, and technological information.  Great resource!
USGS Water Science For Schools Website

Coloring and Comic Books:

Super Water Savers Coloring Book

The Story of Drinking Water

Links to Games:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to help the Wilson family reduce their water consumption.  Each area of the house has a different game. (Australian website)

Move the water-efficiency hero Flo through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions, while avoiding water-wasting monsters.

Keep the tank full or your fish will go down the drain. Classic matching game with a twist.

Reference Brochures:

The Past, The Present, The Future- A tale of San Diego County’s Water


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