Stronger Together

From the very start of San Diego County’s story, nothing has been more important than reliable water supplies – and for more than 75 years, that water has come from the San Diego County Water Authority and its local retail water agency partners. Every cup of coffee. Every birthday party at the pool. Every shower after a baseball game. Every backyard orange tree.

Safe, reliable water provided by the Water Authority sustains 3.3 million people and a $245 billion regional economy from beach communities and tourist destinations to the region’s farm industry and biomedical sector.

To sustain the region’s quality of life, the Water Authority has worked with local water districts to make strategic investments that ensure long-term water reliability. One of those advances is a landmark conservation agreement that improves the efficiency of canals and irrigation systems in the Imperial Valley and brings the saved water to San Diego County. It’s an environmental success story of major proportions – and one that directly benefits residents countywide, who receive this water from the Water Authority.

More than 90% of San Diego County residents agree that water supply reliability is critical to sustaining the region’s economy and quality of life – and most residents understand that continued investments are necessary to protect the region from the threats of drought, earthquakes and other supply interruptions.

In fact, these investments limit the impact of droughts, which hit with increasing frequency and intensity. In just the past decade, two droughts forced the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to cut the amount of water available for San Diego County – but visionary investments by all San Diego County ratepayers protected businesses, farmers and residents so that more water was available to local residents than MWD could provide.

Given all the uncertainties of weather, climate, and countless other uncontrollable challenges, it’s critical San Diego County residents can rely on their water supplies every time they turn on the tap. Even though it goes often unnoticed, safe, reliable and affordable water from the San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies has been there every step of the way. Because we are stronger together.