Resources & Other Materials

San Diego County Water Authority

Posters for 4th and 5th Grade Classrooms:

Through grant funding by the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust, the Water Authority provides free classroom posters to teachers.

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"To Quench a Thirst" Documentary Series

An engaging new documentary series highlights the major events in the San Diego region’s on-going quest for safe and reliable water supplies. The three-part series provides a compelling, 13-minute overview that chronicles the search for water from  the indigenous people through decisive actions by area leaders to develop the region’s diversified water supply portfolio and robust infrastructure that today sustains 3.3 million people and a $245 billion economy.

The three-part video series was made possible by a grant from The Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 

Materials and Programs 

MWD provides water education programs for students from kindergarten through college, including supplemental materials, teacher resources and classroom presentations throughout Southern California. These materials and programs teach students about the importance of water quality, water-use efficiency and conservation. All of MWD's educational programs correlate to the California Content Standards for each grade level in the areas of science, mathematics, language arts and social studies. 

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