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This book was made possible in part by a grant from
The Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust
native Norwegian, Hans Doe moved to Vista in San Diego County in 1946 for a
career change, and became a successful avocado and macadamia nut grower. As
a farmer, he understood and respected the i
mportance of
water to society.
By 1951, he had become involved in local water politics, and stayed active until just
before his death. He was elected to the Vista Irrigation District board, where he served for
33 years (1951-1984). He also served on the Board of the San Diego County Water
Authority for 31 years (1956-1987), the Board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern
California for 27 years (1959-1986), and was granted a lifeti
me membership to the Board
of the Association of California Water Agencies after serving two terms (four years) as its
president. He served two terms on the State Soil Conservation Commission, chaired
the Southern California Water Conference for 10 years and as an original organizer of the
Agua Buena Soil
Conservation District, he helped protect Vista from flooding. Because of
his long career in the water industry, he was also known as “Mr.
At his behest, the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust was established in 1990, two
years after his death. It supports and promotes water-related education to the people of
Vista, San Diego County and California. In the words of the Trust, it operates:
To educate the public regarding the utilization of
water resources in the State of
California, including the historical development of
water resources as well as the
planning for present and future development.
The San Diego County Water Authority is grateful to the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable
Trust for its generous contribution.
Hans Doe
Cover photographs:
Upper i
mage — Water Wagon, 1904. The San Diego Historical
Lower i
mage —The final component of the Capital Improvement Program is raising the San Vicente
Dam from 220 feet to 337 feet
Hans Doe