Purchasing Resources

Click on any of the main headers to link to available resources, which include:


This section includes:

  • Purchase order terms and conditions for goods and services
  • Contract templates for maintenance and non-professional services
  • Electronic insurance forms for contracts
  • Water Authority’s Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) requirements
  • Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program (SCOOP) requirements

Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program

This section includes:

  • Supplemental information on SCOOP applications such as The Network and the Mentor Protégé Program
  • SCOOP forms and reports
  • SCOOP requirements


This section includes:

  • Construction-related documents such as the General Conditions and Standard Specifications

Professional Services

This section includes:

  • Water Authority Design Manual
  • Contract templates for professional and design professional services

Surplus Items

The San Diego County Water Authority uses a third party online auction service to dispose of surplus property. Visit Auction Site.  

NOTE:  The documents and templates provided are typically modified by the Water Authority on a project specific basis.  The terms and conditions applicable to each project are included in each Water Authority solicitation.