Property Management

The Water Authority’s pipelines and other structures located within the right of way ensure safe and timely delivery of water to customers. “Right of way” means land the Water Authority owns or has rights to use for aqueducts and their facilities.

Right of way in a suburban neighborhood

The majority of the Water Authority’s right of way is in the form of easements. Easements are permanent and appear in the title report for the property when it is transferred from seller to buyer.

The Water Authority should be consulted before any improvements are planned in the easements to ensure those improvements are compatible with the easement held by the Water Authority.

The Water Authority has an Administrative Code that defines the uses that are allowable or permittable within the Water Authority easements.

Chapter 7.0

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The sections of Chapter 7.00 are as follows:

Section 7.00.010    Purpose
Section 7.00.020    General Authorization
Section 7.00.030    Definitions
Section 7.00.040    Prohibited Uses
Section 7.00.050     Uses Allowed Without a Permit – Notice to Authority
Section 7.00.060    Encroachment Permits – Required – Minor Encroachments
Section 7.00.070    Encroachment Permits – Required – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.080    Encroachment Permits – Mandatory Requirements – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.090    Encroachment Permits – Process – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.100    Authority of Director of Engineering
Section 7.00.110    Assignment of Encroachment Permit
Section 7.00.120    Encroachment Permits – Revocation – Penalty for Violation of Terms
Section 7.00.130    Nonexclusive Use of Right of Way
Section 7.00.140    Joint Use Agreements
Section 7.00.150    Pothole License
Section 7.00.160    Guidelines for Parallel Encroachments
Section 7.00.170    Violations and Enforcements
Section 7.00.180    Statement of Enforcement Policy
Section 7.00.190    Leases for Right of Way Management