Pipeline 4 Repairs

About this project

Pipeline 4 returned to service in September 2019, after crews installed bulkheads in the pipeline to isolate a section for repairs. The bulkheads allowed the pipeline to continue treated water deliveries throughout the county in a modified fashion, restoring full service to retail water agencies. With the leaky section isolated, crews will make necessary repairs. Repairs are expected to be completed this fall.


In August 2019, Water Authority crews detected a leak in the 90-inch diameter Pipeline 4, one of five major pipelines the agency operates. The leaky section is near Camino Del Rey in Bonsall, in an area with no adjacent homes or businesses.

To find the cause of the leak, the Water Authority dewatered the pipe starting Sept. 9. Preliminary results of the investigation are that a weld seam connecting a steel pipe section to a pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe separated in an area of very high water pressure.

The Water Authority is preparing to install a carbon fiber liner to give the pipeline several more years of service while a longer-term solution is developed and deployed. After repairs are completed, a second seven-day shutdown of Pipeline 4 will be needed to remove the bulkheads and return the pipeline to full, normal operations.

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