Payment Terms

Invoices shall be submitted to Water Authority staff requesting procurement. Unless a specific term discount is offered, the Water Authority generally makes payment within 30 calendar days after receipt of invoice. When a vendor offers a payment discount, the Water Authority takes this into consideration when making payment.

No charge for packing or transportation will be allowed unless specified in the purchase order. Materials must be packed and shipped in conformity with tariff or classifications so as to secure lowest possible freight rates. All materials furnished under a Water Authority contract are subject to test and inspection, and, if rejected, are held subject to order of shipper, with accrued charges. Until delivery and acceptance, and after any rejection, risk of loss or damage to items is upon the vendor.

Inspection and acceptance takes place at the destination unless specified otherwise and is performed by Water Authority staff listed in the shipping address or another duly authorized representative of the Water Authority. The Water Authority has no obligation to accept damaged shipments, over-shipments, goods shipped in error, or other non-conformity, and reserves the right to return at the vendor’s expense non-conforming items even though the non-conformity was not discovered until after receipt.