Water Authority Responds to State Drought Relief Financing and Assistance Legislation

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Water Authority Responds to State Drought Relief Legislation

"We applaud the rapid response and leadership demonstrated by California's leaders today – Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tempore Steinberg and Speaker Pérez – in announcing drought relief financing and assistance legislation,” said Thomas V. Wornham, Chair of the San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors.

“All regions of the state can benefit from expedited regional funding programs and targeted efforts to quickly get water supply and drought relief projects into development,” Wornham said.  “As we have learned and implemented in San Diego County, a sustained focus on local and regional water supply development and conservation is vitally important in any strategy to successfully manage the wide variations in California's hydrology.

“The Water Authority looks forward to working with the Legislature and administration on legislation that provides meaningful opportunities for drought relief.”

More information about the current Level 1 Drought Watch condition in San Diego County is at www.sdcwa.org/drought-response. For more information about the state legislation announced Wednesday, go to http://gov.ca.gov/home.php.