Nob Hill Pipeline Improvements

Pipeline high point in Nob Hill


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Construction Nears Completion

As construction activities wind down, crews will be restoring damaged sections of roadways as well as the project work areas. Revegetation and all remaining work is on schedule to be complete in May 2017.   

About This Project

This project replaced approximately 900 feet of two sections of existing pipelines with one pipeline at a lower elevation in the Nob Hill area of Scripps Ranch. The new pipeline was constructed by tunneling and improves the Water Authority’s ability to operate and maintain its pipelines and structures, eliminating the likelihood of a future uncontrolled release of water in this area.

Additionally, the Water Authority constructed a new access road to Nob Hill from Scripps Lake Drive along the Water Authority’s right-of-way, west of Miramar Dam. As a result of this new access road, Water Authority vehicles will no longer need to use Scripps Nob Hill roads to access the Water Authority's facilities, a long-term benefit for the community. 

Major Elements of the Project:

  • Replace two existing pipelines with one pipeline at a lower elevation
  • New road for Water Authority staff and construction traffic to access regional water facilities on Nob Hill from Scripps Lake Drive

The tunneling method of constructing the new pipeline required the use of controlled blasting, drilling, and excavation due to the rock hardness in the area. Surrounding neighbors may have heard the blasts and felt slight tremors. Due to the closer proximity of in-service Water Authority pipelines, controlled detonation was conducted in such a way as to minimize the risk of damage to those pipelines. As a result, no damage occurred to Water Authority pipelines. 

Helpful Links

Scripps Ranch Planning Group:
Scripps Ranch Civic Association:
Miramar Reservoir Recreation:

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Construction began Late 2015
Construction ends May 2017

*All dates are approximate and subject to change.


Completed Milestones

Public Scoping Meeting April 24, 2013
Preparation of draft environmental document May 2013 - Feb. 18, 2014
Draft Environmental Impact Report released for public review Feb. 19, 2014
Public hearing on Draft EIR March 27, 2014
Public review of Draft EIR closes April 5, 2014
Final EIR certified by Board of Directors June 26, 2014


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CIP Example
Project location map
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CIP Example
Cross-section view (new pipeline replaces Pipelines 3 and 4)
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Project location map with vantage point photos
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High point at Nob Hill




Other Multimedia Here


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Meeting Summaries:
Public Meetings & Information Updates:
December 9 & 15, 2015: Blasting & Tunneling Informational Community Meetings
September 3, 2015: Scripps Ranch Planning Group
August 25, 2015: Community meeting with Scripps Nob Hill residents
July 29, 2015: Scripps Nob Hill Homeowner's Association meeting
March 18, 2015: Meeting with Scripps Nob Hill HOA board members
March 3, 2015: Miro/Ravel Circle Homeowner's Association meeting
February 4, 2015: Meeting with Scripps Nob Hill HOA board members
January 6, 2015: Miro/Ravel Circle Homeowner's Association meeting
October 29, 2014: Meeting with Scripps Nob Hill HOA board members
August 7, 2014: Scripps Ranch Planning Group
August 5, 2014: Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee
June 26, 2014: Public Hearing & Board Certification of Final EIR
June 10, 2014: Meeting with Scripps Nob Hill HOA board members
May 6, 2014: Meeting with Scripps Nob Hill HOA board members
March 27, 2014: Public Hearing on Draft EIR
March 22, 2014: Scripps Nob Hill Community Meeting
November 7, 2013: Scripps Ranch Planning Group
April 24, 2013: Public Scoping Meeting
April 4, 2013: Scripps Ranch Planning Group
April 2, 2013: Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee

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The Final Environment Impact Report (EIR) was certified by the Water Authority's Board of Directors at their June 26 Board of Directors meeting.

In summary, the EIR concluded there would be significant impacts associated with the environmental issues of biological resources (sensitive vegetation communities) and noise (noise standards, ground borne vibration, and temporary noise), which would be reduced to below a level of significance with the incorporation of mitigation measures. The EIR also concluded there would be significant impacts associated with noise (nighttime construction) for a limited period that cannot be fully mitigated.

To view the document, click here.

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For more information, please call the 24-hour toll-free project information line at (877) 682-9283, ext. 7003 or email A representative from the project team will return your call within one business day.


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