Ten years later, the 2003 Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement has produced major benefits for San Diego County and California.

The Water Authority is carefully reviewing possible fixes to complex problems in the hub of the state's water supply system, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta.

Providing safe, clean, reliable water to the San Diego region is a major endeavor -- yet it only costs about a penny a gallon.

Councilmember Sherri Lightner, District 1 City of San Diego provides welcome remarks during Feb. 20 Water Talks: A Bay-Delta Fix: Impacts to Your Water Supply and WalletB

Presentation by Board Chair Thomas V. Wornham at Feb. 20 Water Talks: A Bay-Delta Fix. He provides an overview of the plan for the evening and then a review of the region's water supply and diversification strategy.

Presentation by Assistant General Manager Dennis Cushman at Feb. 20 Water Talks: A Bay Delta Fix. Mr. Cushman's presentation provides an overview of the Bay-Delta and its relation to San Diego County's water supply.

Presentation at Feb. 20 Water Talks: A Bay-Delta Fix by Barry Nelson, Senior Policy Analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council on a conceptual alternative to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

Paul Helliker, Deputy Director of Delta and Statewide Water Management from the California Department of Water Resources provides a presentation at Feb. 20 Water Talks: A Bay-Delta Fix.

The San Diego region has a fairly dry climate. We receive, on average, only 11 inches of rain a year. To support the growing economy and population of our region, the Water Authority needs to import water from hundreds of miles away. We are working to ensure that water continues to be available. But we also need to enhance local supplies.

One possible option is using advanced treatment methods to turn treated wastewater into drinking water. There are proven ways to treat it that mimic nature's processes and ensure this water is as pure or more pure than existing supplies.

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Dr. Terry Fulp, Deputy Regional Director of the Lower Colorado River Region for the Bureau of Reclamation provides a general overview and historical view of flows on the river at the May 1 Water Talks community forum.