Mission, Vision, Values, & Strategies

Our Mission

To provide a safe and reliable supply of water to its member agencies serving the San Diego region.


Our Vision

Our Story

Over our history, and in partnership with our member agencies, we have had to overcome many obstacles to provide a reliable water supply to a thriving, semi-arid San Diego region.
We've secured new supply sources to power our economy and quality of life, and forged a reputation for bold thinking and big initiatives.

Our Vision

To sustain this success, secure our water future and triumph over tomorrow's challenges, we must be:
Vision Statement
Our Values
  • We will consider our partner agencies’ and stakeholders’ interests in our decisions.
  • We will do our work in the most cost effective-ways.
  • We will have open communications with our partner agencies and the public.
  • We will have an open and inclusive policy development process.
  • We value diversity in the water supply.
  • We value long-range planning.
Supply Diversification Strategy
To maximize the reliability of the region’s water supply, the Water Authority is executing a long-term strategy to diversify the region's supply sources, make major investments in the region’s water delivery and storage system, and improve water-use efficiency. Through dynamic leadership, thoughtful planning, and prudent fiscal policies, the Water Authority is cost-effectively managing the region’s water portfolio, while continuing to diversify supplies to enhance future reliability. To learn more about how the Water Authority is enhancing water supply reliability click here.
Business Plan

Business Plan

The 2021-2025 Business Plan is the guiding document used by the Water Authority to implement the Board of Director’s strategic direction. The Plan provides a common set of objectives for the organization, focuses Water Authority staff on achievable actions, and guides investments in resources.

The Business Plan is a rolling five year plan that is updated every two years to ensure the Water Authority stays on track in accomplishing its business goals. An assessment of the Business Plan’s performance metrics is reviewed quarterly by Water Authority management and presented to the Board annually.

2021-2025 Business Plan - First Quarterly Objective Performance Report (July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020)

2021-2025 Business Plan – First Quarterly Key Performance Indicator Report (July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020)

Final 2019-2023 Business Plan Performance Report – April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020

Long-Range Finance Plan

Long-Range Financing Plan

Long-Range Financing Plan
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The Long-Range Financing Plan identifies the financial policies that guide the Water Authority’s prudent management of financial risk and outlines Water Authority plans to finance its $3.6 billion Capital Improvement Program.icon_pdf.pngLong-Range Financing Plan

Together, these documents direct the key management strategies that guide the Water Authority’s management and staff . They provide clear policy and deliberate direction that will enable us to deliver on our mission of a safe and reliable water supply for generations to come.

For additional long-range plans related to facilities and water supply management, click here. To view the Water Authority's Multi-Year Budget, click here.

Historical Plans