Live WaterSmart! Mobile App

The San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies developed the Live WaterSmart water waste reporting mobile app. The app enables San Diego County residents to conveniently alert their local water agency to potential water-wasting problems, from broken sprinklers to excessive runoff.

You can use the app to:

  • Report water waste by selecting from a dropdown list of common water waste issues. The app also allows you to submit a more detailed description of the issue, and upload a photo or video. Your report will then be submitted to the water agency that serves the area where the issue is located.

  • Learn about water-use restrictions and conservation programs available in your area.

  • Discover tips for reducing your indoor and outdoor water use.

  • Learn more about statewide and local drought conditions.

Download the App Here!


Click here to download via your iPhone device or use the QR code below.

Click here to download via your Android device or use the QR code below.


Thank you for helping our region save water. For conservation tips, programs and local restrictions, go to

You can also connect with the San Diego County Water Authority on its website and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


After you've downloaded the app, you can use these instructions to help you report a water-waste issue. The report will be submitted to the local water agency that serves the area where the water-waste problem resides.

Select "Create a Request"

Select from the three choices that display on the screen:

1) Create Photo/Video/Audio (This will take you to your camera or microphone so you can capture a photo, video, or audio clip)

2) Browse Photos/Video (Select this option if you have already taken a photo or video using your phone's camera)

3) Continue without Photo/Video (It's recommended you do not select this option. The more details you can provide, the more it helps the local water agency know the issue)

Take a photo or video of the water-waste issue and select "Use Photo" or "Use Video." Audio is an option, but photo or video is preferred to help the local water agency better identify the issue.

If you know the exact address, enter it at the top of the screen and select "Next" at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you do not know the exact address, allow the GPS locator to select the location nearest to your phone. Note: You will need to be as close in proximity to the location of the water-waste issue so the local water agency can assess the problem. You must allow the app to access your GPS location for this to function properly.

Select the report type from the dropdown list. If the issue you wish to report is not available in the dropdown menu, select "Other Waste."


Enter a description of the water-waste problem. Be as specific as possible to assist the local water agency understand the issue.

When using the app for the first time and reporting your first request, enter your First and Last Name and Email. This will allow the local water agency to contact you if they need more details on the location or water-waste issue. Your email is also used so you receive an email notifying you that your request was submitted to the local agency that serves the area where the water-waste problem was reported. Personal information of the person reporting the issue is kept confidential and will only be used to obtain more details if necessary.

Select "Submit."


A window will display that notifies you that your request is being sent. Please allow this to process to finish.


Another window will display that states your report has been submitted to the local water agency for review. You will then receive an alert/notification through the app and an email to the email address you entered at the beginning of the process.

To view your request, select "My Requests." You will then see a list of your requests. Select the one you would like to view.

The details of your request will display


This water efficiency app was made available in part through Integrated Regional Water Management Proposition 84 Final Round grant funds from the state Department of Water Resources.