Fallbrook and Rainbow LAFCO Detachment

The Fallbrook Public Utility District and the Rainbow Municipal Water District are considering whether to detach from the Water Authority and annex into Eastern Municipal Water District in Riverside County. This question must be presented to the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, better known as San Diego LAFCO, for consideration. The Riverside County LAFCO also will be involved.

The Water Authority represents all water ratepayers, including those in Fallbrook, Rainbow and 22 other member agencies. During this process, the Water Authority will provide information and support to its member agencies so that informed, independent decisions may be made on behalf of all ratepayers. Another key principle for the Water Authority is that if detachment applications are filed, they should be analyzed and decided on in San Diego County, not in Riverside.

Documents related to the potential detachment process are below.

Letters and Emails

Reports and Memos