Frequently Asked Questions

For Further Questions
Can the Water Authority show me where my property line intersects the Water Authority’s right-of-way?
Is there a fee to have the Water Authority stake the right-of-way?
How can I tell if the proposed improvements to my property are outside the Water Authority right-of-way?
Where is the Water Authority’s’ easement over my property?
May I have someone represent me during negotiations?
What if I refuse to sell my property to the Water Authority?
What if I disagree with the value the Water Authority is offering for my property?
How does the Water Authority acquire property?
The Water Authority easement is overgrown with dry brush near my house who do I contact?
The Water Authority facility near my house has been tagged with graffiti or vandalized who do I contact?
Trash has been dumped on the Water Authority access road/easement, who can I contact?
Why do you need access to my property?
Why do I need a permit to do something within the easement on my property?
How does the Water Authority manage the easement?
What is an easement?