Carryover Storage Project and San Vicente Dam Raise


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 icon_pdf.pngMitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

icon_pdf.pngCEQA Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations


Table of Contents
Executive Summary  

Part I – Introduction  

Chapter 1, Introduction: Purpose Of & Need For The Action
Chapter 2, Alternatives Analyzed

Part II – Affected Environment & Environmental Consequences Chapter 3, Alternative 1: San Vicente 100,000 AF (Proposed Action)  

3.1 Project Description & General Environmental Setting
3.2 Cumulative Projects
3.3 Aesthetics/Visual Quality
3.4 Agricultural Resources
3.5 Air Quality
3.6 Biological Resources
3.7 Cultural Resources
3.8 Geology & Soils
3.9 Land Use & Planning
3.10 Mineral Resources
3.11 Noise & Vibration
3.12 Paleontological Resources
3.13 Public Safety & Hazards
3.14 Public Services & Utilities
3.15 Recreation
3.16 Traffic/Circulation
3.17 Water Resources
3.18 Beneficial Effects

Chapter 4, Alternative 2: Moosa 100,000 AF (Moosa 100k)
4.1 Project Description & General Environmental Setting
4.2 Cumulative Projects
4.3 Aesthetics/Visual Quality
4.4 Agricultural Resources
4.5 Air Quality
4.6 Biological Resources
4.7 Cultural Resources
4.8 Geology & Soils
4.9 Land Use & Planning
4.10 Mineral Resources
4.11 Noise & Vibration
4.12 Paleontological Resources
4.13 Public Safety & Hazards
4.14 Public Services & Utilities
4.15 Recreation
4.16 Traffic/Circulation
4.17 Water Resources
4.18 Beneficial Effects

Chapter 5.0, Alternative 3: San Vicente 50,000 AF + Moosa 50,000 AF (SV 50K/Moosa 50K)
5.1 Project Description & General Environmental Setting
5.2 Cumulative Projects
5.3 Aesthetics/Visual Quality
5.4 Agricultural Resources
5.5 Air Quality
5.6 Biological Resources
5.7 Cultural Resources
5.8 Geology & Soils
5.9 Land Use & Planning
5.10 Mineral Resources
5.11 Noise & Vibration
5.12 Paleontological Resources
5.13 Public Safety & Hazards
5.14 Public Services & Utilities
5.15 Recreation
5.16 Traffic/Circulation
5.17 Water Resources
5.18 Beneficial Effects

Chapter 6, No Project Alternatives

Chapter 7, Environmental Impacts Comparison

Chapter 8, Other Considerations Required By NEPA/CEQA

Part III – Reference Materials

Chapter 9, Acronyms & Abbreviations

Chapter 10, References

Chapter 11, List of Preparers

Chapter 12, List of Agencies, Organizations & Persons Consulted

Chapter 13, Distribution List

Chapter 14, Index

Attachment 1, Scoping Report
Part 1, Scoping Comments
Part 2, Additional Comments Received After Scoping

Attachment 2, 404 (b)(1) Analysis


Appendix A, Recreational Master Plan Update
Appendix B, Air Quality Technical Report
Appendix C, Biological Resources Technical Report

Appendices to the Biological Resources Technical Report

Appendix D, Supplemental Inventory & National Register Testing Report, Confidential–Not for Public Review
Appendix E, Noise Technical Report
Appendix F, Hazardous Materials Technical Report
Appendix G, Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix H, Draft Community Impact Assessment
Appendix I, Energy Analysis


Public Comments & Responses
Revisions to the Draft

Attachment 1, Notice of Completion, State Clearinghouse Acknowledgement of Receipt and Memorandum

Attachment 2, Notice of Availability Affidavit of Publication

Attachment 3, Draft EIR/EIS Mailing List

Attachment 4, Transcript of Public Hearing


NOTE: Portions of the appendices contain large amounts of data that may be slower to download when viewing with a dial-up connection. Please contact the Water Authority's 24-hour toll-free project information line at (877) 682-9283, ext. 7009 to request a copy of the Technical Appendices or any of the environmental documents. Your call will be returned within one business day.