The Water Authority offers education programs to build awareness of important water issues. By teaching children about local water resources, these programs instill a knowledge and appreciation of this natural resource while fostering an understanding of the need to protect our environment and use water wisely.


Our school assembly programs are paused as students stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help students, parents and teachers continue learning about water and science, we’re working with Shows That Teach to produce a series of free online educational videos. Learn about local water supplies, how clean your tap water is, proper ways to wash your hands, and more.

Free Online Education Videos:

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For more than 30 years, the school education program has been a core component of the Water Authority’s community outreach efforts.  The goal of this program is to offer opportunities for students, teachers and the public to enhance their knowledge of key water issues.

Education programs offered by the Water Authority are popular with schools throughout San Diego County because they are engaging and they help teachers meet instructional requirements. Many of the programs are free.

Programs include: 

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