Dashboard of Key Indicators
2018 Water Supply Portfolio
TAF = thousand acre-feet
MWD (Metropolitan Water District) The Water Authority is a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District. Supplies from MWD are a mixture of water from the State Water Project, which originates in Northern California, and the Colorado River.
IID (Imperial Irrigation District) As part of the 2003 Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA), the Water Authority receives a transfer of conserved agricultural water that is part of the Imperial Irrigation District's allocation of Colorado River.
Canal Lining As part of the QSA, the Water Authority receives conserved water from two projects that constructed concrete-lined sections of the All-American and Coachella canals in Imperial Valley, conserving water that was previously lost to seepage from earthen canals.
Seawater Desalination The Water Authority added desalinated ocean water to its supply in 2016 through an agreement with Poseidon Water. Poseidon completed the Carlsbad Desalination Plant and pipeline construction in 2015 to provide this new water supply to the San Diego region.
Local Surface Water Seven major stream systems originate in the mountains of San Diego County and drain into the Pacific Ocean. Runoff from these watersheds supplies 25 regional reservoirs, which form a significant resource for the Water Authority and its member agencies.
Recycled Water Water recycling includes the treatment and disinfection of municipal wastewater to provide water suitable for non-drinking purposes.  Many member agencies use recycled water as a portion of their supply.
Groundwater Groundwater extraction from limited local aquifers produces water for some member agencies. Groundwater in the San Diego region is mostly found as brackish water, which requires additional treatment.
Potable Reuse

Several member agencies are developing potable reuse projects which use advanced purification processes to treat recycled water to make it safe to drink.